Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS)

Keep current with rapidly evolving business technology innovations at a cost you can control

Connecting Point understands that the world of business IT is constantly updating and changing. That means every time a new version of your computer software or hardware is introduced, there’s an added stress of ensuring all licenses are constantly updated so your business doesn’t run on unsupported and possibly risky IT products.

We offer our clients an easy way to procure and manage the IT equipment and software they need while matching the manufacturer’s warranty and the usage period of the equipment. HaaS is a rental of technology equipment where you pay a small monthly fee for 36 months for each piece of equipment. Connecting Point’s computer sales and rental team makes it simple to add to HaaS agreements, as we manage each equipment rental schedule.

The advantages of Connecting Point’s Hardware-as-a-Service include:

  • Complete maintenance and support - we keep all equipment updated and in tip top shape
  • No upfront fees or down payment – only rental fee on each piece of HaaS equipment
  • No credit qualifications required – you automatically qualify for our HaaS if you are a managed client of Connecting Point
  • Less capital expenditure – you write off all rental payments as operating expense instead of capital expense
  • Easily scale up with more items – you can add equipment to your roster on-demand
  • Flexible options - you can opt to purchase, return, or rent a new HaaS equipment

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