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Delivering a layered approach to IT security

With advancing IT security threats and an ever-expanding reliance on technology in the workplace, businesses are starting to understand why network security impacts their people, processes, and bottom line. Connecting Point has been in the Managed Services industry for decades and in time, we’ve built a solid network security strategy around industry best tools and methodologies. It’s our job to take the think-work out of security for you. We provide the services and strategy to defend your business against cyberthreats and prepare for future attacks. We begin with Foundational Security Services, which consist of the tools and training that every company, regardless of size or industry, needs to stay safe from cyberattacks. We also provide Advanced Security Services for companies with more specialized needs. See below for details on both.
Whether your business has one computer or a hundred, whether you’re in construction or healthcare, every organization needs a strong cybersecurity foundation to protect themselves from crippling cyberattacks. Connecting Point provides all the tools and training required to safeguard systems from the most common kinds of online threats. We tackle cybersecurity with a layered approach; meaning we build security around your network, users, devices, data and your processes as an organization. And because you can still fall victim to cyberattacks even with robust tools and processes in place, our team ensures you have support and resources at your disposal to recover quickly and painlessly from a data breach or any disaster.

Our Foundational Security Services include:

  • Managed Antivirus Software – We apply antivirus software to all systems and servers on your network and through our monitoring dashboard and proactive processes, can ensure it is applied properly and protecting each endpoint from malware that attempts to compromise your systems.
  • DNS Scanning – Because a layered approach to IT security is critical to risk mitigation, we apply a license to each user device that provides active DNS scanning and security. This security umbrella provides another layer of defense as users are browsing the web and clicking on various URLs. This solution uses the internet’s infrastructure to block malicious destinations before a connection is ever established protecting the user and reducing the odds of security events.
  • Email Filtering and Security – our solutions ensure your inboxes are tidy and free of scam messages and malicious attachments like trojans.
  • Patch Management and Security Update Services – We have a process for managing and maintaining your systems and servers to ensure critical patches and updates are applied and your programs and applications are secure.
  • Managed Firewalling and Security Services – Connecting Point will ensure that a properly sized firewall will be positioned at the edge of your network(s) and that industry best security services will be running on those firewalls continuously. All firewalls are monitored to ensure proper operation and maintained and secured using industry best practices.
  • Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Services – Your data will be backed up locally and in the cloud routinely throughout the day to ensure availability and recoverability of your data at all times. Our backup solution is automated, secure, encrypted and tested regularly so that we can help you recover a lost file, corrupt data, a failed server or a disaster to your physical location.
Of course, every business is unique and this individuality means some companies have cybersecurity needs beyond the basic. Perhaps their industry has specific regulations and laws governing it that requires it to implement certain cybersecurity measures. Maybe the company is quite large and has increased security requirements or maybe a company just wants an added layer of security. No matter your cybersecurity requirements, Connecting Point has the solution. Although these solutions are not part of a cybersecurity foundation, this does not mean that these Advanced Security Services are optional. If one or more of our advanced services apply to your business, then it is mandatory to ensure secure networks and data safety. Read each service carefully, and feel free to contact us with any questions.

Our Advanced Security Services include:

  • Multi-Factor Authentication and Single Sign-on Services – an additional layer of security for all of your logins, even third party websites like social media.
  • Password Management Software – if your employees must log onto multiple services to work, it is safest to use a different password for each. Our management software will help keep track of them and ensure ease of use.
  • Mobile Device Management – secure your company mobile devices while they are off-site and wipe their contents remotely in the event they are lost or stolen.
  • Hard Disk Encryption Software – ensure your on-premises files are encrypted so that even if your private data is stolen, it is useless to the thief and unable to be exploited.
  • Employee Security Training and Compliance – no cybersecurity countermeasure can protect you against an untrained employee unwittingly allowing a cybercriminal into your systems. We’ll train your employees to spot cyberattacks and take responsibility for company security.
  • Policy & Procedure Development and Consulting – every company needs their own cybersecurity policy that takes into account the organization’s specific procedures and needs. We’ll analyze your business and work with you to create a robust and holistic policy that will guide you and your employees to a safer workplace.
  • 3rd Party Network and Security Assessments – the more eyes you can put on your systems, the more likely you are to spot vulnerabilities. Even if you have an internal IT department, outside perspective from professionals is still invaluable for determining network health and security.
  • Advanced Email Security and Encryption Services – if you send or receive a large amount of data via email, securing those messages and encrypting them is of paramount importance. Our advanced security and encryption tools will ensure that even if a criminal intercepts your emails, they won’t be able to sell or make use of them to damage your company.
  • SIEM/SOC Services – Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) keeps track of all potentially malicious or dangerous activity on your network and automatically generates alerts and reports. Our security specialists monitor this software in a Security Operations Center (SOC) so you don’t have to lift a finger to stay up-to-date on the status of your systems.

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