Congratulations to John Latham!

John is our NOC Manager and is responsible for the deployment and operation of our network management and security tools that are deployed across our client networks. John recently graduated from Colorado State University with his Masters in Information Technology Management.

Benefits of Leasing or Renting Your Technology Equipment

The next time you begin to consider acquiring technology equipment such as computers, servers, networking equipment or other items, you will probably be approached with a decision…do I lease or rent (called Hardware as a Service or HaaS) this equipment or should I just purchase it outright?  Let’s focus on some of the benefits of leasing or renting (HaaS) and why it’s a smart idea for today’s business.

How Big of a Concern Should Cyber Security Be In 2018?

Whether they realize it or not, all businesses have a door to the digital world.  Not every organization conducts business through digital channels, but all operate with technology and processes in the internet era.  The looming question for businesses is whether their door to the digital world is secured, left unlocked, or worse yet - swinging open to the outside world.