Don’t Believe These Cloud Backup Myths

Here at Connecting Point, we’re the leading IT support team in Northern Colorado and into Wyoming. Today we’re specifically talking about cloud backup. We’ve compiled a list of common misconceptions that we hear about cloud backup so that you can know the truth.

  • Cloud storage is the same thing as cloud backup. While, backing up data does mean that it is stored somewhere, when we talk about backup we’re normally talking about two files. One of those files is on your machine and the other is stored elsewhere – basically an exact copy of the local file on your machine so that it can be restored at a future date. Really the difference here lies within the usage of the files.
  • Cloud backup takes a long time! While it’s true that online backup can take longer than a wired backup, you should also consider the fact that online backup speeds do greatly depend on your Internet connection speed! Beware that your Internet provide might have bandwidth caps, but normally you should be able to expect uploads between 1 and 3 gigabytes / day.
  • It’s expensive! Yes, back in the early 2000s, online backup was only an option for businesses that wanted to add any extra security layer. Then, storing only a couple gigs online could cost upwards of hundreds of dollars! Things have now changed, though, and prices have plummeted.
  • One backup is enough, right? Actually, you need at lease one local backup and one backup in the cloud. That’s the only way you can protect yourself against data loss should something happen.