The Benefits of Utilizing Infrastructure-as-a-Service

The Benefits of Utilizing Infrastructure-as-a-Service

In our most recent blog, we talked a little bit about infrastructure as a service and how it can help provide your business with cost effective solutions for managing your network. While it is clear that this Connecting Pointkind of solution is more cost effective than hosting your servers, there are several other benefits to be had from utilizing infrastructure as a service.

Allows For a Shift of Focus
As we have mentioned before, it can be very costly and difficult for companies to have their own experienced team of IT specialists. Many times, businesses will simply try to manage their own IT network while also trying to focus on the other duties of running a business. Utilizing infrastructure as a service offers companies a way to get the experienced IT network management they need without having to spend a fortune. It also allows companies to focus on other important aspects and allows employees to shift their focus back to the things they know.

Reduced Costs
We have already mentioned that infrastructure as a service can help reduce costs for businesses, but how does it help? Just as with software as a service or hardware as a service, businesses do not have to worry about large, upfront costs to have a server infrastructure setup for your business. There are also reduced costs when it comes to related maintenance and support for that infrastructure.

Going Green
In general, cloud services allow businesses to reduce their carbon footprint by consolidating all of their IT management equipment and going through a third party provider. Utilizing infrastructure as a service allows a company to free up space and conserve energy, which reduces the company’s effect on the environment.

To learn more about infrastructure as a service options, contact our team of experts at Connecting Point today. We specialize in IT support and consulting for Fort Collins businesses and are happy to help you find cost effective solutions.

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