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The Connecting Point Way

What the heck is the Connecting Point Way…………No, it’s not a side street.  It’s the unique way that we provide holistic support to our clients.  The Connecting Point Way has been evolving over a two year period, but has now been in place for several quarters.

Implementing A Workstation Replacement Cycle To Increase Productivity

Here at Connecting Point, we strive to not only resolve service requests in an efficient, customer satisfaction focused manner, but also to reduce overall service requests from our clients. The goal is really to stabilize, standardize, and optimize our client’s networks so that their employees can do their jobs efficiently and not have to take time out of their busy day to deal with technology issues.

Should You Lease or Buy Technology Equipment?

The next time you begin to consider acquiring technology gear like computers, servers, networking equipment or other items, you will probably be approached with a decision…do I lease this stuff or should I buy it?  I would like to focus on some of the benefits of leasing and why it’s a smart idea.

Microsoft SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)

As many of you may have seen by now, Microsoft recently released their next new version of their Office application suite, Office 2016. This is the first new version of Office that we are seeing signs of Microsoft’s new cloud first strategy; this version of Office released to Office 365 almost a week before you could buy the retail/volume license version, and they made it the default version of Office that gets installed from Office 365. In fact, it’s a little difficult to install the old Office 2013 version from Office 365.
Microsoft SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)
Right now, we aren’t recommending that everyone go out and immediately switch to Office 2016. As we advised with Windows 10, we want to make sure the software is stable before everyone adopts it.

Understanding Desktop-as-a-Service

If you are just beginning to understand the benefits of switching your Loveland business over to cloud services, it’s important to understand which services are available to you and how each of the services helps your business. Desktop-as-a-Service, DaaS, is a cloud service where the back-end of a virtual desktop infrastructure is hosted by your cloud service provider.

Concerns With Cloud Security

Making the change to cloud services is something that we have spoken about benefiting a business these days. While there are many that understand the importance of this change, there are still a few that are skeptical and nervous about making the change.

How Cloud Services Support Your Small Business

We’ve talked in other blog posts about why it is that businesses take their time making the transfer to the cloud. While some of these fears are rational, many small business owners are unaware that making the change to cloud services could actually benefit their small business.

Keeping Your Online Business Information Safe

When you run an online business, the safety of your businesses information is most likely one of your top concerns, and how could it not be. Our IT experts at Connecting Point understand this concern, which is why we provide top quality protection in our IT managed services.

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