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What Is Cloud Computing?

Ten years ago, if you had been told that one of the smartest business decisions you could make would be to have all your business information (files, documents, photos, everything) in a virtual place, accessible from anywhere but ONLY by your designated employees, you might have said “that sounds like science fiction.

United Way Day of Action

Saturday, June 18, 2016, Connecting Point had a team of 6 people who worked from 9AM-noon at the Weld Food Bank as a part of the United Way Day of Action.

Team members were Ross Jordan, Dave Kallweit, Rick Turner, Scott & Mallory Warner and Sue Warner.

Does Your Business Need Cybersecurity?

Information Technology experts call it “IT security” or “computer security” but many business owners refer to it as “cybersecurity.” If you were to do a Google search for this keyword, you would find that it gets roughly 19,300,000 searches.

Tips for Choosing IT Managed Service Providers

Are you researching IT Managed Service Providers in northern Colorado?

If you've been assigned the important task of choosing the best company possible to manage your Information Technology (IT), use our list of tips to guide you.

Tips for Choosing It Managed Service Providers
#1: Define what is important to your company…not just from an IT perspective, but from a business perspective too.

Why You Need a Back-Up for Office 365

Data loss happens, even in the cloud. But can your organization afford to lose emails and work documents? No. Here's why we believe all Office 365 accounts should use a solution like CloudFinder as a back-up.

Office 365 is the go-to productivity suite for businesses.

Do YOU Know Somebody We Can Help?

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Over the last several years, Connecting Point has worked very hard to build an IT services business that provides great value for our customers.

The Connecting Point Way

What the heck is the Connecting Point Way…………No, it’s not a side street.  It’s the unique way that we provide holistic support to our clients.  The Connecting Point Way has been evolving over a two year period, but has now been in place for several quarters.

Implementing A Workstation Replacement Cycle To Increase Productivity

Here at Connecting Point, we strive to not only resolve service requests in an efficient, customer satisfaction focused manner, but also to reduce overall service requests from our clients. The goal is really to stabilize, standardize, and optimize our client’s networks so that their employees can do their jobs efficiently and not have to take time out of their busy day to deal with technology issues.

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