Concerns With Cloud Security

Making the change to cloud services is something that we have spoken about benefiting a business these days. While there are many that understand the importance of this change, there are still a few that are skeptical and nervous about making the change.

How Cloud Services Support Your Small Business

We’ve talked in other blog posts about why it is that businesses take their time making the transfer to the cloud. While some of these fears are rational, many small business owners are unaware that making the change to cloud services could actually benefit their small business.

Keeping Your Online Business Information Safe

When you run an online business, the safety of your businesses information is most likely one of your top concerns, and how could it not be. Our IT experts at Connecting Point understand this concern, which is why we provide top quality protection in our IT managed services.

Cloud Disaster Recovery: Why It Matters

For any business it’d be a disaster to lose all of your files. Connecting Point is here to tell you to take a minute, take a breath, and relax as we quickly recover any files you’ve lost. It should go without saying that having a data recovery plan is a necessity for any business.

What Does Office 365 Add To Your Business

Businesses are still making the change to office 365 and use of the cloud. What is it about office 365 that makes it a perfect, easy transition for your business? There are a few things, actually. And each of them aids in improving the overall function of your business, whether it be a small or big business.

The Value of the MSP (Managed Services Provider)

In business today, every organization faces the challenges of delivering a better product or service. We try hard to control costs, edge out our competition by enhancing processes to be more efficient, hire the best possible people to allow us to deliver a better customer experience and stay ahead or at least in-step with industry trends.

An IT Partner, NOT Provider

At Connecting Point we understand why your critical business services are so important to your daily operations. This is why we spend so much time aligning our technology to support your initiatives. We strive to be a true IT Partner, not just an IT Provider.

The CTO’s Commentary on Windows 10

Many of you will have seen a recent mass email we sent out about Microsoft’s release of Windows 10. Now that the release has happened and tens of thousands of people are starting to upgrade and use the new OS version, we are starting to get a good picture of how this OS will fit into the future IT picture and what sort of problems those early adopters are having.

We Debunk The Top Office 365 Myths In Northern Colorado

If you’ve recently been interested in Office 365 can help your business or organization, you may encounter some resistance due to myths and misconceptions. Here at Connecting Point, your trusted Office 365 Business in Northern Colorado, we’re here to debunk some of the more common, persistent misconceptions about Office 365 that continue to stymie adoption efforts by some businesses.

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