Top 5 Signs You Need IT Managed Services

As a C-level executive in your company, you’re expected to do your best to help your company operate smoothly and profitably. Your IT Managed Services can help you achieve business growth and increase profit. But what if you don’t yet have IT Managed Services? How do you begin to know if you need these? Here are the top 5 signs you need IT Managed Services.

3 Reasons Planning Matters to Your IT Costs

Planning is essential to your business, especially if you want to avoid overspending. IT is certainly not the exception to this rule.

Some IT costs spring up for companies as a total surprise, like equipment breakdowns. But, these expenses can be minimized or mitigated with proper planning.

5 IT Costs Your Company Must Account For

You might recall a few years ago that there was a seemingly sudden cost of having to update all your operating systems when Microsoft announced it would no longer support Windows XP. That might seem like an unpredictable technology cost but it wasn’t.

This upgrade, like many other IT costs that seem to spring up on you, can (and should) be better accounted for.

5 Ways Your IT Provider Should Take Care of Your Business

Technology should not be a burdensome cost you’ve been forced to bear. The investment you make in your technology is a critical decision; an exciting opportunity to gain a competitive advantage.

For your technology to function as a strategic tool, working to accelerate your overall business objectives, you need a team of experts that has the depth of knowledge and breadth of service to meet your core objectives.

The Depth of IT Support By Connecting Point

"What surprises your clients the most, after you begin working with them?" --Listen to what Ted Warner, President of Connecting Point, says in this interesting video, as "The Depth of IT Support By Connecting Point" is covered.

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Checklist: Is Your IT Provider Delivering on Their Promise of Responsiveness?

Wouldn’t it be great if you had the IT provider you need… one that delivers on their promise; giving you dedicated customer service, responsiveness, and top-notch service delivery – all while knowing that your IT provider really cares about you?

If you’re feeling frustrated with your IT provider, or missing any of the elements listed above, it’s time to consider making a switch.

What Is Cloud Computing?

Ten years ago, if you had been told that one of the smartest business decisions you could make would be to have all your business information (files, documents, photos, everything) in a virtual place, accessible from anywhere but ONLY by your designated employees, you might have said “that sounds like science fiction.

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