Do YOU Know Somebody We Can Help?

Do YOU Know Somebody We Can Help?

Check Out the Newly Updated Connecting Point Referral Program…It’s SIMPLE!

If you bring a lead to Connecting Point, we’ll give you $250.

If that lead turns into a customer, we’ll give you $1,000

Over the last several years, Connecting Point has worked very hard to build an IT services business that provides great value for our customers. These are some of the areas where we’ve aimed to bring value:

  • Responsive and effective support for your business’ network and your users
  • Standardization and a process to deliver predictable results from your technology
  • Proactive technology alignment to IT industry standards and best practices
  • Uncovering areas of risk in your technology initiative and prioritization of “needs” to properly aim and control IT investments. We want to make sure you spend dollars in the right area, the first time.
  • Top tier engineering resources for specific technology implementation.
  • Consulting resources to help your organization better plan and prepare for leveraging existing technology, managing future technology spending and initiatives, and helping to align your technology with your business needs and goals.

Do YOU Know Somebody We Can Help?

To deliver the right end results, we’ve purposefully built our team around specific silos of service delivery. As it should be, the Connecting Point team is built mostly with technically skilled people in place to serve our customers.

However, to bring the greatest value to our clients, we must continue to grow and expand our reach. Today we have a very small sales team in place as our plan is to grow purposefully…we are not necessarily trying to grow quickly, we are trying to grow correctly. Having a small sales team ensures quality growth control and ensures that we control the expectations we set for prospective customers.

The most effective way we can grow is through word of mouth and through our existing client contacts. As clients, you know how your business leverages Connecting Point and hopefully you can more directly quantify the value we bring to your organization. Our referral program is designed as a simple way to bring incentive to any individual who helps us grow! For this to work, all you need to do is:

  • Give us a warm handoff to a qualified contact (a decision maker) at a small to medium sized business (10-250 people) in our marketplace (Front Range of Colorado and Southern Wyoming).
  • Send that contact information to Scott Warner (
  • Once the appointment is attended, you get $250 or an item of your choice of equivalent value
  • If that appointment results in a new client, you get an additional $1000 or item of your choice of equivalent value.

We are so appreciative of all of our customers and are committed to bringing great value to each customer relationship as time moves forward…we exist to serve you and bring peace of mind to your IT initiative! Thanks for helping us grow which will bring more value to your business over time!