Coming Soon… Practical Cyber Security for Small Business

Coming Soon… Practical Cyber Security for Small Business

Great article from one of our Peers in Lansing, Michigan.
Our Federal Government has established key legislation (MAIN STREET Cybersecurity Act) that will have a huge impact in helping small and medium sized businesses take steps to protect themselves from the ever increasing cyber security threat.


This cyber threat represents one of the most serious economic and national security challenges we face as a nation." Howard Schmidt made this statement nearly TEN YEARS AGO, shortly after he was appointed to the newly created position of White House Cybersecurity Coordinator. He was speaking about the advanced persistent threat against our critical information infrastructure, including cyber threats against our electrical grid, global supply chain, and our military.

Effectively the exact same words were spoken in August of this year by Congressman Tim Walberg in a meeting room at the Crowne Plaza hotel, as he answered questions during a Business Roundtable discussion organized by the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce. Congressman Walberg acknowledged that even though work has been ongoing, there remains significant action needed to analyze our weaknesses on a national level, and to take the important steps toward appropriate policies to shore up our homeland security.

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