Network Security

Comprehensive and customized IT Security strategy to protect your sensitive business data

With advancing IT security threats and an ever-expanding reliance on technology in the workplace, businesses are starting to understand why network security impacts their people, processes, and bottom line. Connecting Point has been in the Managed Services industry for decades and in time, we’ve built a solid network security strategy around industry best tools and methodologies.

We tackle cybersecurity with a layered approach; meaning we build security around your network, users, devices, data and your processes as an organization. And because you can still fall victim to cyberattacks even with robust tools and processes in place, our team ensures you have support and resources at your disposal to recover painlessly from a data breach or any disaster.

It’s our job to take the think-work out of security for you. We provide the services and strategy to defend your business against cyberthreats and prepare for future attacks.

While preparing your IT security strategy, we evaluate the following services:

  • Firewalling & Security Services
  • Antivirus Software
  • Email Filtering Services (Backup of Email, Encryption Services, Archiving Services)
  • Data Backup & Recovery Services
  • Hard Disk Encryption Software
  • Password Management Software
  • Multi-Factor Authentication Software
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Employee Security Training & Compliance


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