How Community Service Allows Connecting Point to Better Serve our Clients

How Community Service Allows Connecting Point to Better Serve our Clients

Q & A with VP of Sales, Scott Warner


Scott Warner, Connecting Point VP of Sales

At Connecting Point, one of our core values is to serve others. We do that through understanding what different organizations and businesses within our community need and making sure they get that from us.

We know a lot of organizations are growing and need more support than they’re getting. Many of them are the unsung heroes of our community, working with underserved populations, helping small businesses grow our local economy or helping to shape positive outcomes for our youth.

We sat down with Scott Warner, VP of Sales at Connecting Point, to find out why our company is so devoted to community service. Here’s what he had to share.

1.) Why is it important for Connecting Point to serve the community at-large?

Community service is one of our core values. We are a team built to serve. We consider it our job to serve our team members, clients, and community with purpose. We see value in partnering with community service organizations. It’s an opportunity for Connecting Point to serve the community by enabling the organizations that are in the trenches. It makes us proud of the work we do and gives us purpose.

2.) What nonprofit organizations does Connecting Point work with?

The United Way of Weld County is a big one. We also work with Greeley Chamber of Commerce, partially as in-kind donation, because we believe a strong chamber of commerce helps shape the growth and climate of the business community. I sit on the chamber board of directors and the chamber executive committee. We also do in-kind donation of services to Long’s Peak Council of Boy Scouts and help out with their annual fundraising gala.

3.) What are some ways your technology services have helped organizations fulfill their mission?

Many nonprofits have to be careful with the dollars they spend. We help them with scalable and flexible technology solutions and try to reduce the investments they need to make. Like with Microsoft Office 365, they can share and store files in the cloud without needing additional technology. By saving them money that way, we can help them do more, like upgrade their wireless or purchase apps they couldn’t otherwise afford.

4.) Do you do more than partially donate managed IT services?

For many of the organizations we work with, we provide managed IT services, at least partially donated. But we do so much more than that. For example, when we do fundraising for United Way of Weld County, we typically have 100% participation. We also volunteer and take leadership roles in different organizations. These are our values, and everyone at Connecting Point wants to get out and serve our community.

5.)Are there other organizations that you personally work with?

Absolutely. I am a big believer in serving the community personally. I sit on the Northern Colorado Medical Center Foundation board of directors and, as mentioned, the Greeley Chamber of Commerce executive committee and board of directors. I also work with a fundraising organization called Northern Colorado United for Youth. We work to raise money for children’s nonprofit organizations. My most recent project is being a committee member to increase funding for public schools through the Mill Levy Override.

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