Why Connecting Point Offers Only One Level of Service

Why Connecting Point Offers Only One Level of Service

Here at Connecting Point, we don’t subscribe to the philosophy of providing different service levels.

That might shock some of our readers because many other Managed Service Providers offer several different levels of service.

We don’t think that’s fair. We think all our IT clients deserve the most exceptional support available. Because if you know what works, why would you deliver a lesser service to a client? That just doesn’t add up for us.

Here’s what a single level of service means for our clients:

We Protect You

You see, we have meticulously built our support structure to address everything that is necessary for any business’ IT initiatives. With different service levels, one of these pillars would be removed. To remove even one of these core elements of support would leave businesses vulnerable and would fall short of taking excellent care of our clients.

We’re Your Partners

Our goal as an organization is to partner with any company that feels like they want and/or need excellent results from their technology. So we deliver one solution. The one that delivers the right results.

All Clients Get Consistent Results

Because we only deliver service and support one way (the one that delivers the right results), we create consistency across our client-base. By setting the expectations with our clients and delivering consistent end results, we deliver predictably exceptional support for a consistent price.

We Deliver More Efficient ServiceIf every environment and client engagement differed, it would completely segment our approach and create inefficiencies. With a narrower focus, we have built efficient processes and controls in our support structure.

We Can Focus on Truly Proactive Support

Because we dedicate resources to proactive support, we can implement best practices to support all of our client’s IT for a more redundant, secure, and accessible network. To truly be proactive, an MSP must have specific processes and resources dedicated to being proactive and many fall short.

Everyone Gets a Business Consultant

As a small business, spending money and time effectively is critically important. You should not have to spend a dollar on IT that isn’t planned! Our consultants get to know your business inside and out, then discuss your business initiatives. Only then can we truly propose solutions. We create a written plan (an IT roadmap) so that together we can prepare for success and execute by aligning to your business goals and initiatives.

It’s very simple. At Connecting Point, we believe in supporting all of our clients exactly the same.

Because when it comes down to it, we know what works and we wouldn’t want any of our clients to have anything less.

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