5 Ways Your IT Provider Should Take Care of Your Business

5 Ways Your IT Provider Should Take Care of Your Business

Technology should not be a burdensome cost you’ve been forced to bear. The investment you make in your technology is a critical decision; an exciting opportunity to gain a competitive advantage.

For your technology to function as a strategic tool, working to accelerate your overall business objectives, you need a team of experts that has the depth of knowledge and breadth of service to meet your core objectives.

It might be tempting to cut costs with a smaller IT provider but doing so can mean missing out on a holistic service that both protects your business assets and propels you forward.

Here are 5 ways your IT provider should be taking care of your business:

  1. Their approach is proactive. Ask your IT provider how they provide proactive support. If they struggle to answer, have only one person assigned to your account, or don’t use an established set of processes and procedures for IT management, they’re likely providing you with a reactionary, “one-size-fits all” service. Every business has different needs. Our technicians conduct an in-depth analysis for each of our client’s systems upfront, using these findings to create an individual strategy for each client.
  1. They participate in your business planning. Your IT provider should take the time to meet with you regularly and consult with you on your business objectives. They should provide a long-term technology road map that identifies the IT solutions that can help you achieve your goals. They should help you with key considerations, like whether or not the cloud is right for your business, or how your industry is changing. Many IT providers don’t offer such a vital service, but it’s critical to ensuring your technology is always serving your business.
  1. They have a structured support system. There are many layers of support that are required to make your IT successful, and to think one person can do it all is a dangerous mistake. From help desk technicians to the business consultants who join key business meetings and network admins who ensure that your technology is in alignment with best practices, your IT provider should offer you a team of experts to meet all your technology-related needs, not just to “fix things.”
  2. You can predict when you’ll hear from them. Do you know when you’ll hear from your IT provider next? You should expect consistent contact from your provider. Communication is key to understanding your technology plans and how well your systems are serving your current and future needs. For that reason, our customers know well in advance when they can expect to hear from anyone on their Connecting Point team.
  1. They offer financing options. Does your provider offer different financial models? For instance, hardware as a service (HaaS) models can transform equipment purchases from their traditional financing model as capital expenditures into an operational expense, which can be easier for some companies to bear. Your IT provider should also understand key financial considerations and be able to provide guidance about what equipment should be purchased or leased, based on depreciation and your financial concerns.

If even one of these components is missing, not only are you not getting the maximum return on your IT investment, but your business could be in jeopardy. Technology is the backbone of your business operations. When you have holistic IT service, you cover any potential gaps in coverage and can start capitalizing on the advantages that proactive technology provides.

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