What Is Cloud Computing?

What Is Cloud Computing?

Ten years ago, if you had been told that one of the smartest business decisions you could make would be to have all your business information (files, documents, photos, everything) in a virtual place, accessible from anywhere but ONLY by your designated employees, you might have said “that sounds like science fiction.”

And you’d sort of be right.

Cloud Computing is a little like science but it’s certainly NOT fiction.

Cloud Computing is a smart business practice.

Cloud Computing is added protection of your business’s information.

There’s been a lot of concern surrounding the security of storing information in the cloud. Rest assured that storing your information in the cloud is perfectly safe and it adds an extra level of security you can’t get from storing your data onsite.  Cloud storage is encrypted both in transit and at rest in the data center.  Storing your data onsite can introduce vulnerabilities to the overall security of your data and therefore your company. With industry leading data security offerings and practices such as ours, cloud-based data storage is extremely secure.

The Cost Effectiveness of Cloud Computing

Cloud backup and disaster recovery are extremely cost effective, especially for smaller companies. You won’t have any capital expense and monthly subscription pricing is predictable, as well as affordable. You can allocate extra funds and resources to supporting and growing your small business.

Ease of Use

Complicated network systems require a significant amount of maintenance and understanding. But not the cloud. In fact, cloud backup and disaster recovery services have easy-to-use web-based management, as well as user interfaces. So, operating the system should be fairly easy and it requires minimal maintenance.

An Overview of Cloud Services

Most business owners are wisely asking these or similar questions about IT cloud services: Is the Cloud right for my business? How can my business benefit from utilizing cloud services? What is the financial and operational impact of moving some or all of my IT functions to the Cloud?

Connecting Point has been utilizing and implementing cloud managed service for years. Our team of professionals will help our you assess the benefits of cloud computing for your particular business environment. Our process is:

  • to analyze client business applications
  • to analyze client business processes
  • review bandwidth capacity
  • help to educate clients on the new style of IT that the Cloud offers

By moving some or all of your IT operations and infrastructure to cloud managed services, your company can benefit from a much more operational expense model (as opposed to a capital expense model). You can get out of the continual “refresh and upgrade” cycle that’s difficult for many businesses to plan for and implement.

Let our professionals consult and recommend options tailored to your business from our full suite of IT cloud services.