Does Your Business Need Cybersecurity?

Does Your Business Need Cybersecurity?

Information Technology experts call it “IT security” or “computer security” but many business owners refer to it as “cybersecurity.” If you were to do a Google search for this keyword, you would find that it gets roughly 19,300,000 searches. Does your business need cybersecurity?

The short answer is: yes, absolutely!

The long answer is: yes, but let’s take a detailed inventory of your company’s business objectives and then determine which types of cybersecurity (aka: computer security or network security) you need.

Before you hire an Information Technology company to work (either with your existing IT department or to be your outsourced IT department), ask about how that IT company would go about making your company’s information safe and secure. By the way, keeping your information secure from malware, hackers, ransomware, viruses is only part of the big picture of achieving your company’s objectives.

Here are several questions to ask any IT company you’re considering hiring:

  1. Will you need to do an audit on our current situation? If your IT company says “no, it’s not necessary,” you should immediately cross them of your list of possible choices. If they won’t be doing an audit or assessment of the current situation, then how can they possibly know what YOUR company’s unique needs are? Yes, there are basic procedures and systems to put into place but if you were to choose our company, we would utilize our network analysis tools to fully identify your company IT assets and procedures. From there our technical team reviews the results and prepares a report that highlights areas of strength and areas that might need improvement in the short term, mid-term and long term.
  2. How will you help us achieve our business objectives? This is an area you might not have thought of as being a service that an IT company could offer. We deliver a process-driven IT model. We take a disciplined and structured approach to aligning your IT environment to industry and Connecting Point best practices. The overarching goal is to streamline and optimize your IT environment so that it indeed can be foundational to helping your business achieve the targeted business results that management is seeking.
  3. Ask your IT company candidate exactly how they’ll protect your company’s information from hackers, ransomware, viruses, malware, firewall breaches and all that digital terrorism. The answer they provide to this question should go above and beyond what you’d normally expect. And they should take the time to explain technical terms in layman terms so you can completely understand. Each managed client we work with is assigned both a Network Admin and a Business Consultant. The Network Admin’s job is to proactively work off of our best practice checklists and make sure that your IT environment is continually improved to align with industry best practices. The Business Consultant’s job is to act as your IT consultant, and strategize with management on how IT investments will enhance company strategic goals. This is accomplished with regular face to face meetings that are driven by a mutually derived Technology Roadmap.
  4. If you’re in need of an IT company to supplement IT services so your IT guy or gal won’t get continually “hallway-hijacked” by your employees needing on-the-spot fires put out, then you should ask this: how will you help our IT person so that s/he can get their work done and meet monthly goals? If you were to hire Connecting Point, we would provide our full suite of network management and security tools to provide your in-house team best in class software resources and processes to lighten their daily network management tasks. Additionally, our remote and on-site resources will free your full time resources to actually focus on the strategic items that they were originally hired to accomplish.
  5. How long have you been in business? Though we’re a firm believer in entrepreneurship and a supporter of start-ups, when it comes to your company’s IT, we believe you should work with an IT company that’s been in business for many years. We’ve been in business for over 30 years. We continually educate our staff so that we remain the leader in information technology services and software.
  6. Maybe this should have been our first point but here it is: ask what their mission statement is. If your IT company candidate doesn’t have their own mission statement or if they can’t remember what it is without going to their website to recite it to you, then that’s a major “red flag.” Don’t work with an IT company that hasn’t put any thought into what its own company mission is. Here, at Connecting Point, we continually work on achieving our mission.

Connecting Point’s Mission Statement: We exist to serve our clients and help them realize their business initiatives.

Does your business need cybersecurity? Yes, absolutely. But you deserve so much more than “just” security. You should consider working with a company that will help you achieve your business objectives and not just put out fires or “just” put up a firewall. If that sounds like what you’d like to do, please give us a call or fill out our contact form. Let’s talk about your needs.