We’re Debunking More Common Cloud Backup Myths

In our last blog, we discussed some of the most common cloud backup myths we hear here at Fort Collins’ IT support team, Connecting Point. Today we’ve compiled a few more of those common misconceptions about cloud backup to help you learn the truth.

  • You can do cloud backup by yourself. While a lot of online cloud backup services will lead you to believe that it’s an easy task, and in some cases this can be true, it can actually get complicated fairly quickly. A lot of folks fall into the trap of thinking they only have to sign up online and that’s all they have to do. This type of mistake can be lethal do a business. If you need help with cloud backup, we don’t want you to hesitate to call us!
  • It will take forever to get your data back. Like in our last blog post, we’ve admitted that an initial backup can take a while depending on your Internet speed and provider. What happens when you need that data back and how long will it take? Again, that depends. On what? Specifically on how much data you need back. Of course, if you’re trying to restore an entire terabyte of data, that may take a while. However, if you only need to restore smaller amounts of data, it won’t take as long. This is why you should always have a local backup.
  • It’s insecure! This one depends on what your security needs are. For example, a business will likely need higher security than your aunt. We think it’s crucial that your online backup encrypts data locally and on your machine and we always use an SSL connection when sending files over the Internet.