The Value of the MSP (Managed Services Provider)

In business today, every organization faces the challenges of delivering a better product or service. We try hard to control costs, edge out our competition by enhancing processes to be more efficient, hire the best possible people to allow us to deliver a better customer experience and stay ahead or at least in-step with industry trends. Most businesses would also admit that they are increasingly dependent on leveraging technology to combat and overcome the challenges above.

The Value of the MSP (Managed Services Provider)

But in order to do that, sometimes organizations find themselves at a deficit in each area. It’s hard to control technology costs! Especially when we don’t know exactly what we need and where we need it. It’s even harder to implement specific technology and a process around that technology to ACTUALLY impact and streamline business processes to find efficiencies and return on investment (ROI). And if you dare to take on the challenge of IT without outside help, the need for the right person, with the right skillset is imperative…not to mention expensive.

That’s exactly why leveraging a managed services provider (MSP) makes sense. Rather than encumber yourself with the daunting challenges of IT…which tend to replicate and magnify themselves over time, the team here at Connecting Point has built itself to be your utility player for all things related to technology and its impact on business. We bring the team, we bring the tools, we bring the process and we bring it to you for a predictable monthly price. Unlike other MSPs who dangle the carrots of “affordable” IT, we have decided to charge the right price and actually deliver better results over time.

When we charge a flat fee for delivering service, it is then our responsibility to make sure that your network is running more efficiently, more securely, that your data is protected no matter what and that your people can use their technology to be productive. The IT services we provide are great…that’s true, but anymore the services are simply “table-steaks”. Above providing IT services, we need to make sure that over time, your business falls in-line with industry standards and best practices and that we uncover areas where your business, your processes and your technology are out of alignment with those best practices and provide solutions to remedy these misalignments. This is the ONLY way that we are able to improve your businesses’ use of technology over time! Most importantly though, our job as a true MSP is to help your business plan and prepare for the future through proper business consulting. Through sound consulting, our team will help create a plan to leverage existing technology, implement new technology, plan for business changes and challenges and to uncover and address areas of risk related to your business plan and processes. This roadmap allows Connecting Point to become intimately involved in your business and your direction as an organization. This is the value of a true MSP.

As Connecting Point moves forward into the future, we will continue to drive value in these areas and provide real, tangible business impact. Our clients and our industry will continually hold us accountable in these areas and we will continue to innovate to bring more value and more closely align with our clients businesses.