IT Support Myths Abound In Fort Collins

If you’ve ever worked in Fort Collins IT support, chances are you’ve came across a few people who you’ve helped who actually had no idea what you actually do or what IT support is. Today we are going to cover a few common misconceptions we’ve heard and experienced during our IT support sessions here in Fort Collins.

  • The simplest solution hasn’t been attempted or realized: There are so many times where IT support staff have had their education rendered totally pointless when they have to tell someone to turn their machine off and then back on again. Sometimes a machine or device simply needs a refresher!
  • Oftentimes IT support is perceived as condescending: This one really isn’t true! A lot of people enjoying working in IT support and they like helping others. Sometimes it’s unavoidable that people think the advice in #1 is an insult, but it’s simply a tried-and-tested solution.
  • A lot of people don’t realize that some of us in IT support must follow a script – at least at first! Why? This helps us narrow down the problem by asking you a set of pre-defined questions that essentially work as a solution flow-chart. This means that we can work for efficiently and that means less time on the phone for you! Stick with us, we’re not trying to be annoying or pedantic.

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