Hardware as a Service Allows Your Small Business to Keep Up With Technology

Keeping up with technology can be expensive, especially if you’re a small business owner. Think about it, technology is always evolving and improving. Every couple of years, some kind of new and improved technology emerges. Whether it is a new iPhone or a new tablet, there is always something new and more powerful on the market. While it is difficult for most of us to keep up with this ever-changing technology, it is beneficial for businesses to keep up with the latest technological developments.

As new technology makes its way onto the market, older, less capable technology very quickly becomes obsolete. For example, ever since the MP3 player emerged CD sales have steadily declined. Sales only continued to drop with the development of the iPod and iTunes. Same thing goes with computers. Once the newest software and hardware comes out, all other older models gradually disappear. If your company’s technology equipment is out of date and you are in need of an upgrade, hardware as a service (HaaS) might be a good option for you. With hardware as a service, clients may simply “rent” their technology equipment for a 3 year term. At the end of the three years, clients may either purchase their equipment, return it, or upgrade it for newer technology. That way, when the newest equipment comes out, you may simply exchange your hardware for the newer model.

If you are tired of spending large amounts of money on technology equipment that is just going to be considered to be out of date in a few years, then it might be time for you to contact Connecting Point. Not only do we provide IT support to small businesses in Fort Collins, but we also provide HaaS options. Call our team today to learn more.